Return Value

  • If the number specified for number_of_intervals is positive, dates are moved forward in time; if the number is negative

When using Power BI DAX, often times we encounter a BLANK value, and therefore the result/visual shows “(blank)”, which we don’t like to see. In this case, COALESCE comes in handy with readablility and performance to enhance our DAX function.


  • COALESCE returns the…

Sometimes we would struggle about whether to use ALL or ALLSELECTED. In this article, I will introduce some tips and scenarios to help decide when to use.



  • ALLSELECTED removes/ignores all filters but takes into account the overarching context in the report page.
  • For example, most of the…

Sometimes it’s confusing for us to decide when to use HASONEVALUE() or HASONEFILTER(). Here we will talk about the difference between the two functions and some tips about when to use.


Tips for DAX Functions
  • HASONEVALUE() works based on cross-filters, while HASONEFILTER() works by a direct filter.



  • Return TRUE if the number of…

We always want to make our physical relationships from the columns of unique value, or the highest granularity level. In other words, we want to have relationships between table based on the highest granularity level such as DATE. (If DATE is the most granular level.)

However, sometimes our data is…

Are you getting tired of writing “if” functions? More specific, are you getting tired of writing a lot of “if” functions with different criteria? If yes, here comes an easy-to-understand and easy-to-debug method: SWITCH.

SWITCH = Nested If Statements


  • expression is any DAX expression that returns…

EARLIER is not an easy-to-understand DAX function for Power BI users. I will use some examples to show you how to use EARLIER function.

What is EARLIER?

  • The purpose of the function is to create a reference to a column value on an outer loop of the evaluation of the…

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