[Power BI] Change Measures/Columns based on Slicer

Step 1. The two measures we would like to have in the visual.
  • “Index” here is used to have the measures listed in the sequence we want.
  • The “Slicer Measure Table” won’t have any relationship with any other table in our model. Now we can create a slicer on the value column of this table. (Please see step 2–1.)
Step 2. Create the Slicer Measure Table
How the Slicer Measure table looks with the DAX code above
Step 2–1. Create the Slicer
  • FORMAT is used to format the style in which the numbers appear. For example, percentage, thousand separators, decimals, dollar signs.
    - FORMAT(“measure name”,”0.0%”)
    - FORMAT(“measure name”,”$0,000")
    - FORMAT(“measure name”,”0")
    - FORMAT(“measure name”,”0,0")
    - FORMAT(“measure name”,”0,0.00")
Step 3. The Metrics Columns Measure
Create the Matrix Visual with step 2 and step 3


Now we have Complete all the steps. Below is the final visuals. It looks wonderful!



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